Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Yes we are still here!

Well, I thought I would be able to keep up on this blog, but I am not doing a very good job. Alicia and I have both talked to many families that are going to be trying stem cells for their children. I am passing along a website for a friend of mine, if you are interested in another family's story. Their son's name is Micah and his website is Please visit and share their story.

On the Dominic front, we are going to pick him up in a little over an hour. He has been away on his first overnight trip. The 5th grade class went to High Trails in Florissant, CO. They spend 2 nights and 3 days there. We have not had any calls, so we are assuming all is well. I can't wait to see how he liked it. I know I can line up some week long camps, if he is up for it.

He is keeping up his core strength and this is really helping him drive his wheelchair. He is going at a faster speed now and can cruise through doorways like nobody's business. He amazes me everyday. The reading piece is coming along nicely. He is so excited about it that the motivation makes him want to did it all the time. It is sooooo exciting!!!

Dominic will be transitioning to middle school in the fall. We can't wait. This has been a rough school year for him and we are not sure exactly what has gone wrong, but we are very happy with the team that will be greeting him at Campus Middle School.

We have joined the pool and swimming season will be starting shortly. So, if you like to swim, come along and have some fun.

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  1. I was one of the high school counselors at the High Trails camp and I was you to know how amazing it was to see Dominic and Harrison there. They were involved in everything! Even if their wheelchairs wouldn't go up the mountain, they would be carried. And at one point Dominic was in a small group I was teaching and he had to find something that made him happy out of all the pictured on a huge globe and he pointed to one of money! :) Those boys are so inspiring to me!